For those who dont know, i'm currently in my fifth year of medical school.. yeah!!! For the time being i'm in the anaesthesia rotation. You know.. the one that involve in making people unconcious and stuff. Well generally this rotation is all about standing and do nothing, just watching the surgeon cutting, pulling and whatever you can do involving human body. Simply put surgery. We as student can do nothing except of course taking pintures, selfie, wefie.. haha.. and then post it in social media boasting about the surgery we saw and pretending to be very excited, happy in that cool looking scrub shirt. 

boring students and their extra curricular activity.. haha

Actually i'm already in my second half of my fifth year.. i was scheduled with all the hard rotation earlier.. believe me it was the most excrutiating, physically and mentally exhausted 4 months i ever have.. and it is a relieves that all of it is over! finally i can start enjoying going to the hospital everyday.. no adrenaline rush in q&a session during round, no history taking and most importantly going back early everyday... haha


It was like every other day, i would wake up early in the morning (if you can call 8 am is early, of course i did my subuh prayer.. it is just the temptation of the bed that one does not simply deny with the effects of cold temperature.. everybody would jump into their bed.. it was like there is a magnet or something that prevents you from keeping away from it.. haha) and limping (i have knee problem right now)  my way to the hospital. 

me with sleepy face~

Usually i will arrive at the ot room about 9 am plus minus 10 minutes. Expectedly i would get an oversize scrub clothing with the cutting of a bear i would say. Just imagine even with the belt rope was pulled to the max that is still not enough I will need another belt to tighten my waist in case of emergency and of course i will have an elvis presley style trousers.. the different is just the big part is up to the tigh.. haha.. well at least it is windy.. haha

then, the morning seminar started.. it just took about fifteen minutes and the seminar was done by the doctor incharge (it supposed to be given by the student with surveillance by the doc) the shortest seminar i must say.. well nobody actually care about the seminar.. they would prefer to study the material at home.. only after that we were allowed to go visit any ot room that we want..

today was different because it was the first time i did an intubation! haha.. well i may be exagerrated a little bit.. just inserted the endotracheal tube.. but still.. achievement unlock! haha... luckily the nurse was kind of like force me to do it.. i was hesitated a lil bit.. but at the end i did it anyway.. and it was perfect! haha...maybe it was just luck or it was just my latent talent.. haha.. (i hope that makcik's vocal cord is not damage..)

the surgeon was doc fayez jallad.. and this is the lucky patient that get intubated by me.. hahaha

after that i didn't wait for the surgery (it was a hysterectomy), i went roaming around peeking from every other door for about 10 to 15 minutes.. another 5 minutes taking pictures... kholas! go home! haha... 


ps: pardon me for any grammatical mistakes haha although im quite sure there is lot
pps: been trying to polish my english since we talk broken english-arabic here..